Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Caution: Merge Ahead

Just a little road sign humor...No CAUTION really! Just wanted to give you a little info on our recent MERGER with Jared Mallard and his company, GREEN GRASS GROWS. GREEN GRASS GROWS has now teamed up with ALL DAY LAWN AND LANDSCAPING!
We have attempted to reach all GREEN GRASS GROWS customers to inform them of our intention to continue to take extra special care of their lawn and property. Bear with us, please, as we might encounter a few bumps in the road. Always feel free to call the office with questions or concerns! We are excited about this merger and hope that it will benefit all involved, especially our customers! If you are a customer of GREEN GRASS GROWS, please expect a visit from one of our ALL DAY LAWN associates very soon. We look forward to serving you!